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Meeting Facilitator Guidebook – This document describes a sample meeting format, plus the roles and responsibilities of the group facilitator. [PDF]

Meeting Preamble – This is a sample of what a facilitator (or another person present) can read at the beginning of each meeting. [Word] [PDF]

Buddhism/Twelve Step Group Guidelines   by Kevin Griffin- This PDF is located on the Buddhist Recovery Network website and was created for those wishing to begin a new group. It covers group intention, leadership, membership, and form and content, as well as examples of other groups. 

Buddhist Recovery meeting workbook  by Vince Cullen – Topics suitable for discussion in Buddhist recovery groups from the 5th precept “sit and share” groups  (PDF format)

From-Hungry-Ghost-to-Being-Human-(Taking-Sajja-Beyond-Thamkrabok) – by Vince Cullen   This booklet is used as a study guide for 5th precept “sit and share” meetings.  It is based on the teachings of the Thamkrabok Monastery in Thailand that emphasize a strict adherence to the 5th precept, and a vow of abstinence from intoxicants.  (PDF format)


SPRING 2014 E-NEWSLETTER here Now available on the website and in meetings.  Check out what is going on for our April-June quarter with our meetings, a new book review and our “Buddhism around the world” spotlight on teacher, Vince Cullen from the UK.

WINTER 2004 E-newsletter (PDF)