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Buddhist Recovery Meeting Facilitator Guides

These documents can be downloaded in an editable Microsoft Word format, as well as PDF format. While alterations are possible, these guidelines are recommended. If you need Adobe’s free PDF reader, click here.

Facilitator Guide – This document describes a sample meeting format, plus the roles and responsibilities of the group facilitator. [Word] [PDF]

Meeting Preamble – This is a sample of what a facilitator (or another person present) can read at the beginning of each meeting. [Word] [PDF]

Buddhism/Twelve Step Group Guidelines   by Kevin Griffin- This PDF is located on the Buddhist Recovery Network website and was created for those wishing to begin a new group. It covers group intention, leadership, membership, and form and content, as well as examples of other groups. 

NWBR facilitator guidebook  by Debra Greenfield – This workbook was compiled for our 2013 facilitator workshop, to support new facilitators in establishing and running a Buddhist recovery meeting.   (PDF format)

Buddhist Recovery meeting workbook  by Vince Cullen – Topics suitable for discussion in Buddhist recovery groups from the 5th precept “sit and share” groups  (PDF format)

From-Hungry-Ghost-to-Being-Human-(Taking-Sajja-Beyond-Thamkrabok) – by Vince Cullen   This booklet is used as a study guide for 5th precept “sit and share” meetings.  It is based on the teachings of the Thamkrabok Monastery in Thailand that emphasize a strict adherence to the 5th precept, and a vow of abstinence from intoxicants.  (PDF format)


SPRING 2014 E-NEWSLETTER here Now available on the website and in meetings.  Check out what is going on for our April-June quarter with our meetings, a new book review and our “Buddhism around the world” spotlight on teacher, Vince Cullen from the UK.

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