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News from Portland PDX Intersangha

News from Portland PDX Intersangha

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Recovery Dharma is alive and well in the Pacific Northwest.

The PDX Intersangha (recoverydharmapdx.org)  currently has 24 active meetings, many of which have returned to
in-person meetings over the last year. We are now about half-and-half online and in-person
meetings. We have also begun having in-person community events again over the past year,
with our Unity Committee hosting hikes, arcade nights, and bowling events, just to name a few.

Our Wise Friends Committee has also been working hard to bring workshops with
Buddhist-based recovery education offered freely to all who wish to attend. Our most recent
workshop, Creating & Practicing With An Inquiry Circle, was well attended with around 70 folks
participating from all over the world. We are now planning and preparing for our next workshop,
Embodied Recovery: Mindful Movement & Body Image which will be held in December. We are
also looking forward to beginning to plan in-person daylong/half-day retreats in person in the
coming year.

Finally, we are hard at work preparing to host the annual Recovery Dharma Global Summit in
Portland in July 2024! We are very excited to have folks from all over the world join us in
Portland next summer.

The PDX Intersangha would like to invite anyone who is interested in learning more about us to
visit our website, recoverydharmapdx.org, where you can find more information about our
meetings and events. We currently have many volunteer opportunities available. We are
seeking to form a Facilities Outreach Committee, and our Unity, Wise Friends, and Summit
Committees need more volunteers as well. Many of our Board member’s terms are coming to an
end this year and we are holding elections in January. Many positions need to be filled and we
would love to have you join us!

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