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Women’s Eight Step Recovery
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    Saturday, to Noon

    The Eight Step Recovery support group will cover the teachings of Vimalasara Valerie Mason-John and Dr. Paramabandhu Groves from their book Eight Step Recovery. We will incorporate the AGE meditation, chanting, other meditations such as loving-kindness and breath awareness, and will work through the book. All are welcome, not just those with a drug or alcohol related addiction. Addiction is defined as any behavior, substance-related or not, that brings temporary pleasure or relief, a behavior one craves but is unable to stop despite negative consequences. We hope this group will be a support for you in your recovery and that it will lead you to a happier, more fulfilling way of life.

  • Lower Queen Anne
    Seattle, WA

    Contact meeting organizer (Holly) for location info

  • Holly

    206 883 4895

  • Updated October 10, 2019