Past Events


“We are not our Thoughts”

with Vimilasara

Dharma talk – Fri, Nov. 20 2015

Weekend non-residential retreat – Sat/Sun, Nov. 21-22, 2015

In the spirit of forging new partnerships with the greater Buddhist and Mindfulness communities, NWBR was pleased to co-sponsor an event with the Seattle Insight Meditation Society and the Seattle Buddhist Center with award winner author, speaker and teacher, Dr.Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John.

Both events were well attended by practitioners from Vancouver to Seattle, as well as new attendees from both SIMS and SBC.  The Friday evening Dharma talk was an intimate crowd of over 70, perfectly suited to the beautiful new Seattle Insight Meditation Center in SODO. The two day workshop at the Seattle Buddhist Center allowed participants a more up close and personal experience, with direct access to Vimalasara to ask questions about their own meditation and Buddhist practice.

Vimalasara has many people currently attending her Eight Step Recovery meetings in Seattle and Vancouver, and has been a friend and benefactor to NWBR in supporting the growth of Buddhist-oriented support groups and meeting facilitator training development in the Northwest.

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“Breaking Free of our Addictive Behaviors… the Buddhist Way!”

 with Dave Smith

 Dharma talk Fri Oct. 23 2015

 Workshop Sat Oct. 24 2015

Hosted by YOGASMITH on Airport Way S in Seattle, the studio provided a calming, light filled space  for Refuge Recovery Northwest to welcome Dave Smith, author and guiding teacher at the “Against the Stream Meditation Center” in Nashville, TN. for a Dharma talk and meditation workshop.
Dave brought his refreshingly open and down to earth approach to the Dharma, using his own experience of integrating mindfulness and meditation into his addiction recovery path as a platform for motivating others.

NWBR collaborated with event coordinator, Rebekah Reineke of Refuge Recovery Northwest, to support and promote this event within our NWBR community of meetings and on our website.  We hope it is the first of many collaborative partnerships with other friends in the Buddhist and Mindfulness-based recovery community!
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Sat. August 15th 2015
Matthews Beach Picnic Area

For the last few years, the board members of NWBR have hosted a summer picnic for friends and benefactors of Buddhist recovery practitioners and meeting facilitators. The essence of the gathering is our gratitude to all involved in promoting this healing path in the Buddhist and Mindfulness communities.

This year we had a small and intimate gathering, where we shared food and sat under our meditation tent and listened to a Dharma talk with Ven. Santidhammo and Ven. Ajahn Ritti of the Wat Atamm Buddhist temple in Woodinville, WA. The traditional Theravada temple has long been supportive of bringing Buddhist teachings to the recovery community, and Ven. Santidhammo (or Santi). Ven. Santidhammo has given many Dharma talks, led “Day of Mindful Recovery” retreats and “Meditation for Recovery” workshops sponsored by NWBR.

Thank you to our benefactors who supported our resource website and acted as advisors in developing resources for the recovery community. And thank you to our new friends at the Seattle Buddhist Center, who not only host the “Eight Step Recovery” meetings, created by Vimalasara, an ordained Triratna teacher author. They also lent their time, energy and good cheer to the event!

NWBR facilitator training workshop

Held approx. twice a year, or whenever we have a group of people who want some support in starting and running a new Buddhist-oriented support group